Episode TWENTY-SEVEN: Ride Reveals

Copy of Episode 26_ Family BusinessDani Pajak is a dynamo and the owner of Disowned Customs in Cleveland, Ohio and is currently negotiating his motorcycle travel show, What the Ride Reveals, with a couple networks. I found the title of Dani’s show to be very fitting for his own story, because Dani’s ride has revealed so much: from pursuing his passions and the love for his kids, to battling addiction and his family’s unique immigrant past.


Episode TWENTY-SIX: Family Business

Episode 26_ Family BusinessDan McCollister lives a full life. He’s a husband, father, president of a successful corporation, along with a bunch of other things. So how does he make it all work? It’s taken a lifetime of trial and error to lead him to this place of goodness.


Episode TWENTY-FIVE: Live Vibrantly

Episode 25_ Live VibrantlyFor those who know her, Jennifer Desrosiers is a present, heart-centered woman and a successful entrepreneur. But her road to this place of goodness took time. She had to overcome bullying, harassment, sexism and relationship hardships first.

Jennifer has so much to offer, not only through her story, but in life lessons that offer insight insight into some topics that are misunderstood by many.


Episode TWENTY-FOUR: Restart

Episode 24_ RestartNatalie Gross has been through more than most of us can imagine. Sexual and drug abuse, bullying, losing not one, but two very important people in her life and professional rejection. The best part, none of this had stopped her on her mission to find her purpose. Tune in to hear the raw story of one badass chick!

Support Natalie’s non-profit Heroes Homage that aims to send wounded veterans to the Adaptive Training Foundation.


Episode TWENTY-THREE: Unfiltered

Episode TWENTY-THREE: Unfiltered w/ James DouglasJames Douglas is as raw as they come. Unabashedly unfiltered and a walking contradiction, he’s also refreshingly genuine and one of the most talented photographers you’re going to come across. His story will take you from childhood aspirations of shooting down the slopes to adult realities likely to make you uncomfortable at times. The dude makes me happy because he’s challenging and from that discomfort comes growth.

So kick back and grab a beer, or be prepared to be motivated to have a killer workout. Either way, this is going to be a fun ride.

Visit James Douglas Studio for more info


Episode TWENTY-TWO: Ironwoman

KelseyKelsey Withrow is a professional triathlete and ironwoman in every sense of the word. Think I’m being bombastic. Well, once you hear Kelsey’s story of perseverance and all the sh*t she had to overcome to become a 2x Ironman 70.3 winner, you’ll think otherwise.

Warning: You may want to compete in an Ironman after listening to Kelsey’s story.

For more on Kelsey, visit her website.


Episode TWENTY-ONE: Grind On

BobbyBobby Marcotte has led two restaurants to the title of New Hampshire’s ‘Best New Restaurant’ in the past 5 years. As an extension to this success, he’s appeared on Phantom Gourmet and on Guy Fieri’s Food Network shows ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives’ and ‘Guys Grocery Games’ on multiple occasions. On the surface, life looks pretty sweet…but the road to get to this point was challenging and tragic. Be ready to be inspired by an amazing dad and his journey.

Check out Bobby’s restaurant Hop + Grind when you’re in town!


Episode TWENTY: Activist

MattMatthew Prescott is an activist and not just someone who attends a few rallies and throws that label on his social media profile. The man is all in, devoting his life to improving the conditions of America’s food supply. He’s also a vegan and outstanding cook. What happens when you meld the Matthew’s love for the cooking with his activism? You get a cookbook that will save the world. I learned so much from Matthew and I know you will too.

Be sure to check out Matthew’s bestselling, world-changing cookbook Food is the Solution.


Episode NINETEEN: Solo

Episode 19_ SoloAva Raiin has come into her own, both as a solo artist and a woman finding her power. Her debut album ‘Ava Raiin’ rose to #9 on the Billboard R&B chart, but her musical success is just part of the story. To put it plainly, she has been on one hell of a wild ride that’s included being raised by teen parents, including a father whose profession will make your jaw drop. Buckle up, this is going to be fun and inspiring ride!

Be sure to check out Ava’s website for more info and to check out her music!


Episode EIGHTEEN: On Fire

John GaddJohn Gadd is on fire. Seriously! John and 20 others, were set on fire in a brilliant marketing stunt for his company, Hotcards. Beyond being a very successful and creative entrepreneur, there’s so much more to this guy. His story is filled with passion, challenges and a drive to help those around him reach their potential that will inspire the hell out of you!