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Welcome to I Digress Podcast, I’m your host Erol Senel.

You’ve come across a passion project that has taken flight in a ways I could have only imagined. About a year ago, I set out to create a brand for myself that wasn’t tied to my day job as a Marketing Director for a massive financial institution. I bounced around a few ideas and came up with hosting/producing a podcast that tells the stories of people who get sh*t done. My initial guests were from my core network of fascinating badasses, aka my friends, but with the success of the show, it’s allowed me to foster an ever-expanding network of influencers and motivators. The people I’ve met and stories I’ve heard have inspired me to a level of personal growth I could have never imagined. I hope you’ll take a listen…who knows, you may just find yourself getting sh*t done!

– Erol


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